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Monday, April 27, 2009

Another day another week will be history soon!!!!!

Well no picture to post but a busy week ahead. Today Dr. appt, an I am working in my storage building to delete alot of un used junk. Tuesday I have hair appt! Am excited about that. Someone asked how I know that I need a hair cut the way I wear it all spiked up? Well when it don't want to spike up anymore then it's time. It makes me feel better anyway even though people might think it looks the same. Enjoyed having Justin home. He is such a joy and makes his Mama happy!!!!!! He will be back before you can blink you eye. Love you all and have a good week.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!!!!!

Well another week at work has ended and I can mark that week off towards retirement!!!!!! 39 months and 7 days!!!!!!I know that sounds real stupid to ya'll but I sure am looking forward to it. If I had a picture to post with this it would be an old lady sitting in the rocking chair holding a blanket and rocking back and forth. That be ME!!!!!!!!!
This was an exhausting week. We had news that they were laying off more people! Thank God none were at our plant. But all the other ones had as many as eleven. I feel real sorry for them, this could mean some of them loosing their homes or cars or not being able to provide for their children as they were accustomed to. This is a sad time in which we live but just hold on to God's unchanging hand!!!! He loves us no matter what. And he promised he would supply all our needs, not necessary our wants but our NEEDS!!! Thank you Lord for all your blesssings on me!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Place in SOMETHING!!!!

Saturday night was a fun night. We went to a mexican resturant and after we ate they had a Kararoke contest. After a few different songs, I enterred the contest and sang D_I_V_O_R_C_E by Tammy Wynette. Well guess what I won 1st place.!!!!!! If anyone wants my autograph just get in touch with me and I will be glad to get you one. It was loads of fun and I told Cindy that this old woman could do something right. We laughed till we cried.
Today was Church and it was good too. You all have a blessed day. Till we meet again!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm complaining too!!!!!

It all started Monday when I went by the drug store (CVS MCDONOUGH) on my way to work to pick up my blood pressure medicine which I had dropped off the two precriptions a while back because I wasn't ready for them. Well guess what they lost them! Boy did my blood pressure rise at that time, I fussed them out and told them point blank that they could call the Doctor that I wasn't since they lost them. I go back on Tuesday and they have only one of them. They said the Dr. said I only took one. Well Yesterday I called the Dr. and fussed them out. I told them I HAD to take two of them. What did they want me to do die or something? This morning the nurse called me and in turn called in the other medicine. Still not happy with the entire situation. There may be people dying or in hospitals because the drug store misplaced their medicine? It really urps me.

Today I took a ME day. Just because I wanted to. I am in the process of packing winter clothes and coats. I had some plastic tubs but just had to go get some more. Got my nails done while I was out. Back to the closet. Should anyone have this many clothes? How can anyone wear them out? But you know what I am single and if I want 500 skirts then that is what I will have. No husband to say"Honey is that a new skirt" Why naturally you say you have had it forever but actually got it only yesterday off the clearance rack. That's the only place I shop. Well this closet has made me so tired I think I will lay down and rest. It might get done today and then again it might not. I know it is there for me when I get ready to complete my task for the week. Love you all

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shoes or not?

I am trying to decide if I want to put new TIRES (shoes) on my car now or not. They are getting pretty worn. I need to get it ready for weekend trips to TYBEE!!! My favorite place in the whole world. Then you have to decide where to buy them. When you walk in being a woman they want to sell you the very most expensive ones! They just don't know me. I search around before making a purchase like that. I guess "theycallmeganky"does the same thing with her ipod. Off to check out some prices then on to work, which seems like my second home since I spend so much time there! Ya'll all have a blessed day and catch ya'll later.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


AS MOST OF YOU ALL KNOW i AM 59 YEARS OLD. I really don't consider myself a real dud. I love to do alot of things and am willing to try anything once. I have been depressed this week real bad. Everyone has someone BUT ME! I don't want it to bother me but I have to be honest with myself, it does. Everyone has someone. Am I that horrible to look at. I cleam up good. I work hard. I consider myself alot of fun..BUT what is wrong with this picture. I haven't wrote a blog in a few days, no one wants to hear about how much I dislike rain and cold weather so ithought I would pour my heart out from POOR BRENDA! haha Well I always said that God would send me a good man. Well he sent the first two men, notice I didn't say GOOD. They already passed on to their reward and I am still here. #3 is still around I guess. I just need to know that someone cares and someone to do things with. I really do have alot to give!!!!!!!! I love you all with all my heart. Maybe you can give me some answers, I am about ready to go see a skrink!!!!He might be the one. Till we meet again peace , joy and happiness be with you all. Love Brenda Faye

Thursday, April 2, 2009

After the rain there is always sunshine!!!!`

I know everyone knows by now how much I hate rain!!! I know we need it but why can't it rain at night while we sleep. But then there are some people that loves to watch it rain. (Barbara) loves to sit in her favorite chair and watch it rain. Well getting ready to go to work. One more day then the weekend again. I know that Saturday is going to be a beautiful day, I put in my order earlier this week. Thank you Lord for all your blessings on me!!!!