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Monday, May 25, 2009


Typical Sunday Morning!!!
Up and ready for a blessing at church!!!
A Redneck Girl cleans up SO good!!!

After church off we went to Rhonda's Parents Nana and Pop's house in Shady Dale!!! The boys had been down and done some fishing a few weeks back and so I just could not wait to wet my hook!! But lord have mercy I never thought that I would catch Jonah the Whale!!! But look a here:

NOW THIS IS A FISH!!! Not no little 8 incher I got me a 20 incher!!! Probably weighed 12-15 pounds!! Look at my face I was so darn excited and everyone in the valley of Shady Dale could hear me just a hollering!!!!

Now this is how a real woman cathes fish!!! Until you get one like this you are not a good fisher-woman as ME!!! Look what I caught!!! Can you believe it!!!!! I love to fish!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

BLOGGER NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me how you got your blogger name and there will be a drawing!!!!!!!!! Tell all your followers and let's see what happens!!!!!!!! Sounds like fun to me!!!!!!!

How did you get your blogger name???

I know this is a question all bloggers would like to know!! How did you get your blogger name? I think this will be interresting!! I will start by telling you about (DOUBLE GRANNY) Three years ago my oldest grandaughter gave to us a beautiful baby girl. Stunned by her being so young ( baby having a baby) But God makes no mistakes!!! She is a wonderful Mom and takes very good care of her little girl!! Anyway when she was born, someone asked what I wanted to be called. Well Granny of course. But she makes me a great granny! So I came up with the doublegranny it sounded better than Great Granny!! She is a blessing to me and is soooo precious. Hope you all have a great day and tell the bloggers to post how they got their blogger name!!!!!!

It looks like a gloomy day but I know there is sunshine coming!!!