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Friday, May 8, 2009

How did you get your blogger name???

I know this is a question all bloggers would like to know!! How did you get your blogger name? I think this will be interresting!! I will start by telling you about (DOUBLE GRANNY) Three years ago my oldest grandaughter gave to us a beautiful baby girl. Stunned by her being so young ( baby having a baby) But God makes no mistakes!!! She is a wonderful Mom and takes very good care of her little girl!! Anyway when she was born, someone asked what I wanted to be called. Well Granny of course. But she makes me a great granny! So I came up with the doublegranny it sounded better than Great Granny!! She is a blessing to me and is soooo precious. Hope you all have a great day and tell the bloggers to post how they got their blogger name!!!!!!

It looks like a gloomy day but I know there is sunshine coming!!!


  1. I love your great and grandchildren and YOU Doublegranny! Glad you are back blogging:) What about your car? Love you!

  2. I did it!!! Check out my blog!

  3. WHAT??? 2 blogs in one day!!!!! I love you and your entire family!! See you in the morning!!!

  4. I had been wondering from the first time you blogged where in the world Doublegranny came from and now I know!
    Too cute!